22 de febrero de 2006


18 de febrero de 2006

mi mami

Mi mamá, Conchi.

11 de febrero de 2006

tres monedas en la fuente

Los viajeros echaron una moneda en la fontana de Trevi, con el deseo de volver a Roma

A raíz de la película "Tres monedas en la fuente" [link] , surge una leyenda urbana, aunque la mayoría no saben que las tres monedas eran arrojadas por tres personas diferentes, según la cual trae suerte arrojar monedas con la mano derecha sobre el hombro derecho en la Fontana de Trevi. Arrojar una moneda asegura que quien lo hace volverá a Roma, dos que se enamorará de una guapa romana (o romano) y tres que se casará con ella (o con él) en Roma

The Fontana di Trevi is the 'Three Coins in the Fountain' fountain, the one that drenched Anita Ekberg in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Among those who are unaware that the "three coins' were thrown by three individuals, a current legend is reported that it is lucky to throw coins with one's right hand over one's right shoulder into the Trevi Fountain. Throwing one coin in will ensure that the thrower will return to Rome. Throwing two coins ensures that the thrower will fall in love with a beautiful Roman girl (or handsome boy), and throwing three coins now ensures that the thrower will marry that girl or boy in Rome.Fuente: [link] Wikipedia

8 de febrero de 2006


me parto...

6 de febrero de 2006

Tan lejos, tan cerca

Habitación del Hotel Airone en Florencia...
Trotamos por Italia en Octubre de 2005
Quiero más!
Snif! :(

5 de febrero de 2006

Make a wish... upon a Star

What cha wanna be - when you grow up
What cha gonna do - when your time is up
What cha gonna say - when things go wrong
What cha wanna do - when you're on your own
There's a road - long and winding
The lights are blindin' - but it gets there
Don't give up - don't look back
There's a silver linin' - it's out there somewhere
Everybody wants an answer - everybody needs a friend
We all need a shinin' star on which we can depend
N' so tonight we're gonna wish upon a star
We never wished upon before - (to find what you'relooking for)
There'll be times - in your life
Ya when you' be dancin' n' shit - but you ain't gettin it
But don't get disillusioned - no, don't expect too much
Cuz if what you have is all you can get - just keep ontryin' - it just ain't happened yet
Everybody wants ta be winner - everybody has a dream
We all need a shinin' star when things ain't what they seem
So tonight we're gonna wish upon a star
We never wished upon before - (gotta get where you'reheaded for)
Everybody wants some kindness - everybody needs a break
We all need a shinin' star when things get hard to take
So tonight we're gonna wish upon a star
We never wished upon before